What is “Hotels Staff”?

What are popular “Hotels Staff” jobs for foreign nationals?

Hotel staff provides the customer with a high level of hospitality and customer service. As a staff you will present a luxury lifestyle experience to the customer taking pleasure in their satisfaction. In this article we will introduce details regarding the work contents of the hotel staff, who is suitable for this industry and why it is a popular occupation.

About hotel staff

Hotel employees deal with a variety of different people. Each customer has their own reasons for staying in a hotel, such as travelling, anniversaries or business. Customer satisfaction is really important and requires a high level of customer service, to provide the most comfortable stay. Hotel employees have a range of different obligations and are therefore divided into separate occupations.

Why is it so popular to become a hotel staff?

These are the four main reasons why hotel staff is popular.

The joy of being told “thank you”

Hotel staff have a lot of face-to-face interactions with customers. A customer showing its gratitude for your effort and services is extremely rewarding. This simple thank you, encourages and motivates you.

The work is never the same

Hotel employees meet different customers every day. People have different needs and wants, resulting in everyday being unique. This continuous change can bring forth a variety of issues which keep the work challenging.

The constant pursues of the perfect service

There are always new ways to satisfy the needs of customers. It is rewarding to create and implement new ways for people to enjoy themselves. This is mostly done through trial and error and may lead to surprising and rewarding results.

Ability to use your language skills

People from different nationalities visit hotels. Since Japan is a popular tourist destination, language skills are highly valued. In addition, during your working hours you can improve your language skills with practical experience. This occupation is attractive for individuals who are confident in their language skills and interested in acquiring other languages in the future.

Suitable Individuals

Customer service oriented

An attitude that is customer service orientated is very important. You genuinely want people to smile during their stay. If making other people happy makes you happy, you could say that you are suitable for a job in this industry.

You like to be surrounded by happy people

Hotel staff provide a service which makes people happy and you have your own unique way of doing it, making it a very attractive. Individuals who feel motivated by other people’s happiness and act on this motivation to improve their service, will be successful hotel staff.

I love hospitality

The hotel staff is responsible for creating a comfortable stay. This occupation is suitable for individuals who are interested in offering and pursuing a pleasant customer service.

I like that people can rely on me

Hotel employees are required to respond quickly and effectively to customer issues. Individuals who are helpful in nature and take pleasure in being relied on are suitable for this occupation.

Flexibility is key

In this industry you deal with a lot of people, which is accompanied with different accidents and issues. It does not matter what kind of problem you are dealing with; you need to be able to adapt to the situation. Individuals who respond effectively in unconventional situations are highly valued.

Job Description

The hotel business is divided into different occupations according to the location and duties. A specialty in one of these occupations requires you to hone your skills which are relevant. We will introduce these occupations and their contents.


A hotel has a reception counter which take care of checking customers in and out. Additionally, you provide information to people who approach you. Every customer response differs and requires you to have a flexible attitude in order to provide proper customer service. The variety of customers from overseas provides the opportunity to use different language skills.


A hotel concierge listens to customer requests and provides multiple solutions. There are various options customers can choose when they consider staying at a hotel. A concierge has a wide range of knowledge, including tourist information and transport access in order to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Bell person

A bell person waits in the hotel lobby and guides or takes the customer’s luggage to the room or car. As a bell person you also answer customer questions.


As a doorman you present yourself at the entrance of the hotel. This means that you are the first point of contact of the customer and have the responsibility to give a good first impression of the hotel. Activities include greeting customer, opening the door and guiding the customer to the reception counter.


Housekeeping is the occupation where you are responsible for the cleanliness of the room. In addition to cleaning you will replenish amenities and check the room facilities. Although there are few face-to-face instances with the customer, housekeeping is a crucial part of any hotel’s success.


As a bartender you serve a variety of drinks, including cocktails. Knowledge and skills to make certain drinks are necessary. Mostly, you will be working behind the bar and will have direct contact with customers. This means that you are required to have customer service manners and the ability to provide recommendations in a way that satisfies the customer.


A sommelier has a wide range of wine knowledge. You use your knowledge to recommend wines which go well with the food they have ordered. There are many opportunities to talk directly with customers and manage a great number of carefully selected wines in the most effective way.


As a waiter in a hotel you will serve in either the restaurant or café. You will provide the customers with recommendations of the menu. In addition, you will also take care of room service. After the customer is done eating waiters are responsible for clearing and cleaning the tables.

Room service

Customers order meals from the hotel rooms. After receiving the order, room service is responsible for bringing the drinks and dishes to the guest room and cleaning up afterwards. Consideration of how you conduct yourself is important, since you work in the customer’s private space. Additionally, there are hotels where orders are received even at night, needing extra precaution to conduct this service respectfully.


The work of hotel staff is subdivided according to the work content. You can specialize in any department and become a professional in the future. It is an occupation which focusses on the customer’s satisfaction and continuously finding new ways to improve this. It is nice the be able to practice and apply your language skills with people who visit from overseas. The occupation is very refreshing as it offers a lot of variety on a day to day basis. It is also a very rewarding job being able to see people enjoy themselves because of your efforts.


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