What is Video creators job?

What is the work of the popular “Video Creators” for foreign nationals?

If you want to challenge yourself and are interested in a job with a bright future, video creators might be something for you. In this article we will explore the work contents in this field and the reasons why it is a popular theme amongst international students.

What is a Video creators?

A video creators mostly in charge of the production of video content of a broad range of topics. Topics include the production of TV programs and commercials, music videos, animations, movies, games and other web contents. This occupation can be divided into production and technology.

There are no special qualifications to become a film producer. It is a big plus that even the most inexperienced individual can pursue a future in this field of expertise. Although there are studies related to this field, there are many cases where people manage to get by with a self-study.

There is an increasing trend in the development of animations and games. PR for these industries is mostly done with the help of film production increasing demand for employees. There are many cases where individuals, which use Youtube are successful in properly marketing a product or service and you can be one of them.

Why are film producers so popular?

Promising future

The demand for the video industry, such as Youtube, commercials and promotions are increasing rapidly. This PR approach will continue to evolve and bring forth new opportunities. Once you have acquired the skills necessary to produce desirable content you have a world of opportunities.

No experience required

If you are interested and motivated to become a video producer, you can start right away. Fortunately, there are no special qualifications required making it an attractive occupation. Although you will make use of certain tools required to actually produce something, these skills can be picked up during your work.

Enjoy being creative

Expressing your creativity in the form of video content requires some technical knowledge. Being able to convey a message through video media gives a tremendous amount of fulfilment. Looking at the final product you have created brings forth a great sense of accomplishment. Even though it might be challenging at times to come up with proper ideas it is most certainly an attractive profession

Direct feedback from your audience

You are capturing situations and creating sketches which directly appeal to your audience in the form of images and sound. Nowadays social media platforms continuously develop and evolve. The product you have created will be viewed by many different people who all have the ability to comment sharing their feelings leading to a great sense of accomplishment.

Your work will remain

Your work is stored digitally which can be used as part of a portfolio to appeal to companies or other job opportunities. It is a unique kind of pleasure when you see the improvements of all your work overtime.

Suitable People


If you are aiming to be a director, you most definitely need planning skills. A great imagination and creative ideas are often required to make something out of nothing. Therefore, this occupation is appealing to people who like to build something from scratch.


Ways of capturing and showing video content is evolving every day. If you are curious where 3D and VR will take us this occupation is suitable for you. Being flexible and capable to incorporate new ideas is highly valued as a video creator.

Confident in their sense and creativity

Video creators work from an ambiguous idea to something which when presented conveys a certain message. Being able to grab ideas and translate it into something which many people will watch requires a lot of confidence. Striving for creating appealing videos it is necessary to always consider new techniques and be confident in the choices you make.

Job Description

Video creators can be divided into two major categories: production and technology.

Production system

The production department consists out of a producer, director and an assistant director, which handle everything from film recording and video planning to production. For production work, planning and management skills are important.


The producer has a more general role to play in the process of film production. These responsibilities include planning, negotiation, financing, budget management, schedule management. In addition, the producer takes care of the networking aspect as well, a key factor when it comes to be successful.

Assistant Producer

This position is one step below the Producer and is mostly a supporting function. During your time as an Assistant Producer you will gain knowledge, management skills and networking abilities in order to become a producer yourself.


The director is responsible for translating the producer’s ideas into concrete video content. In order to do this effectively all the tasks, which are related to the creation of the product fall under the director’s responsibilities. Of course, this is not done all by the director but by delegating the tasks in a way that captures the producers plan effectively. Therefore, both video production knowledge and knowledge of video creation is essential.

Assistant Director

This position is a support role for the director. In order to become a director yourself you will support the current director in a variety of tasks.


The technical aspect of video creation is an occupation which is mostly focussed on video editing. Specializations in this field for example are editors, CG creators and audio.

Editing operator

As an editing operator you’ll be working with the feedback of the director. Mostly, you’ll be responsible for cut editing, telop, music and voice related tasks. Often, this is done with a type of video editing software such as Adobe AfterEffects.

CG creator

Computer Graphics are responsible for the creation of video and illustrations with the use of computer software. These products are then used in TV commercials, animations, games and movies and dramas.


Audio related tasks are subdivided to fit different needs in the video editing field. For example, a “MA mixer” adjusts the narration and BGM to the video track. Whereas, a recording engineer records sound effects need to be created and added later.


Video creators can start off without any prior experience and improve their skills along the way of their professional career. Also, the future of this industry seems to keep developing and expanding in various ways holding a lot of potential for new employees. More importantly, an occupation in this field is extremely rewarding and has a lot of different potential career paths, which make it a very appealing choice.


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