What is Sales?

What is a popular “Sales” job for foreign nationals?

Individuals who want to test their communicational skills, connect with various people and increase their business contact network, now have a unique opportunity. Japan is putting an increasing amount of effort into the globalization of their society, looking for motivated international students willing to give it their all. In this article we will go over the details of a Japanese Sales job.

What is Sales?

Sales is a job that recommends services or products, which lead to purchases for all sorts of companies and fields of expertise. For example, trading companies, finance services, manufacturers, real estate and insurance companies. Mostly this is done by telephone, e-mail, and face-to-face contact with people, making use of their communicational skills. This type of job requires you to be a good listener / speaker and the ability to respond quickly to the needs of each person. In addition, a motivated mindset which is always aiming beyond the set sales quota is highly valued. The challenges people face vary per individual and are worth pursuing since you don’t need any experience. Also, almost all industries require a sales staff making it easy to find work and experience a lot o variety.

Why is sales so popular?

This question can be broken down in the following 4 reasons.

You can test and develop your skills

Sales is a challenging occupation in a unique way. You are at the forefront of appealing to customers in a range of different ways. You will encounter new people and places, which might inspire you to find new sales techniques. This type of work is popular with people who want to use their creativity to define their own style whilst pursuing new challenges.

The results of your efforts are reflected in numbers, which leads to motivation.

The results of sales are directly reflected in numbers, which is fulfilling. Competing with colleagues and seniors keeps the job interesting. The workload is surprisingly light for people who are looking for this kind of challenge and therefore suitable.

Meeting new people

This business revolves around people, such as meeting customers, visiting companies and collecting information during this process. You will be able to meet and talk to people who you would usually never encounter. In summary, communicational wise sales is a very stimulating occupation with many surprising factors. Enjoy the different encounters and conversations with people while you are working.

No experience required!

Sales is unique in this aspect as it does not require any special qualification or special skills. Based upon your own motivation and effort you will grow. It is an occupation which where creative people can test the limits of their imagination.

Suitable Person

Those who like to communicate with others

In sales, we always continuously communicate with people either face-to-face or with telephone calls. This occupation is suitable for people who find fun in helping people. Of course, it is also important to enjoy and be genuinely interested in the conversations you have with new people.

I love to talk to people

Sales is basically communicating the attractive points of certain products or services through conversation. There are situations where you will build relationships with people and are required to adjust your communication style to fit the type of relationship. Suitable people for sales are people who like to talk to people and are able to communicate relevant information through these conversations.

I am a good listener

People usually have the impression that sales staff is only required to talk. However, it is crucial that your able to listen to the customer’s request effectively in order to fulfill their needs. After listening to the individual, you should be able to relate their needs to a service or product through conversation.

I can relate to people effectively

Simply recommending a product is not enough. The most rewarding experience is, when you can help someone find a product which solves their problem. Putting yourself in the shoes of another person is a very important skill in Sales. Being able to understand a customer and showing this is very important.

Job Description

Different companies have different ways of doing sales making it hard to define. The variety of styles regarding sales, include jobs which require you to go to the manufacturers, contribute to companies who are innovating new sales strategies or recruit new businesses. A common trait all these different styles have is the usage of communicational skills. The sales talks you will have are unique to you and will continuously develop over time in a way that is increasingly attractive to people.


Working in sales does not require any special qualification or specialized skills. This field is suitable for individuals who question and are critical of themselves in order to improve. It is a very exciting and unique occupation, which let you meet a lot of new people. Also, almost all industries have a sales department allowing you to experience a variety of different environment and possible opportunities to change occupation.


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