What is a popular IT engineer job for foreign nationals?

What is an IT Engineer?

The most popular demand regarding internships lies in the field of ‘’IT Engineers’’. These Engineers deal with a range of different information technology and have a variety of potential career paths. Although you mostly work with computers, communication skills are very much valued. In this article we will introduce potential careers of an IT engineer, along with their work contents and reasons for their popularity.

Why are IT Engineers so popular?

The high demand for an IT Engineer internship can be broken down into the following 4 reasons.

1. Many companies are recruiting interns in this field

In Japan there are many companies who are interested in hiring potential employees in this field of expertise. Also, there are a lot of career paths, providing an opportunity to find a job that fits their interest. The increased chance of being hired by your desired company and variety of work makes an IT Engineer internship very appealing for students.

2. Acquire skills which are advantageous for future employment

With the rapidly growing IT technology and current lack of human resources it is highly likely that demand for employment in this field will only increase. In addition, if you start developing certain skills from an early stage you will have an advantage if you go job hunting after graduation.

3. Develop communication skills

If you talk about an IT Engineer, you might have an image of sitting in front of the computer the entire day. However, this is not the case. In this field of expertise communication and writing skills are very important. During the internship period, you have a unique opportunity to learn and apply different communication skills. In addition, you will learn about the business ethics of Japanese companies. In general, you will gain a valuable skillset for future purposes.

4. Scientific or Cultural students are also OK

There is a general image of the work contents in the IT field of expertise, bringing forth a lot of misconceptions. The IT industry is surprisingly broad and active in a lot of different job markets. Therefore, we welcome any motivated student who is interested in Information Technology, regardless of their field of study.

Suitable Person

Suitable individuals for the IT Engineer’s profession, are those who like computers and work hard. Since the IT field is constantly evolving, it is necessary to stay up to date and be flexible with respect to change. In addition, it is a profession where you gradually acquire skills by trial and error. There are many situations in which trial and error is repeated until a solution is found. It is very important to be interested in IT technology.

Job Description

IT Engineer is a collective name for a variety of occupations. There are different job titles related to an IT Engineer. Therefore, we will explain typical job types and their work contents.

System Engineer

System engineers (SEs) are responsible for the entire information processing structure. This includes system planning, design, development and testing. In addition to technical skills, communication skills and consulting skills are required in order to deliver a system which fulfils the client’s requirements. Furthermore, forwarding requirements accurately to programmers, requires writing skills and efficient communication. This particular job is necessary in various different fields due to its technical capabilities.

Main duties of system engineer
  • Client’s business analysis
  • System proposal
  • Create a design document
  • System development, testing, operation and maintenance


A programmer makes use of different computer languages to design an application devised by a system engineer. In order to produce the desired product, a programmer must be able to read the system engineer’s documents to translate the design into a working application. Another task includes testing whether certain programs work correctly. If the scale of the company is small, it might be possible to fill a system engineer position right away. In other cases, programmers decide to become system engineers later on.

Main task of a programmer

Translate design documents provided by system engineers into working programs.

Programming languages

For application programmers:
Development languages such as C, C ++, C #, Java, VB, PL / SQL

For Web programmers:
Web-related languages such as Javascript, HTML, PHP, VB.NET

For Control / embedded programmer:
C language, assembly language, etc.


In the future, the IT field will continue to develop and expand. In response many companies will be looking for IT engineers. IT engineers is one of the most popular internships because it provides a unique opportunity to learn both technical and communicational skills. Doing an internship in this field will enrich your future career considerably by acquiring skills that you can use onsite.


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